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Arbors at Arundel Preserve: Kokee Tea

Kokee Tea likes to call its milk tea a “hug in a cup,” and it’s hard to argue that it is anything but that. That’s because the founders behind this Arundel Mills Mall outpost believe in the quality of their ingredients, and the consistency of their process. 

Kokee offers a number of interesting tea combinations which can create some truly wonderful flavor profiles. Specials like the virgin mojito and mango passionfruit tea are fan favorites. The brown sugar milk tea, which uses whole milk, is another popular treat here. Premium milk teas, which range from classic Thai to the outrageous oreo flavors pair beautifully with interesting toppings like honey boba and coffee jelly. Ice blends are also available. Options like taro, pina colada, and avocado are all refreshing and unique, and can come in milky or slushy variations. Interested in trying something truly different? Try creating your own tea combination. Choose from 12 different tea types, four different levels of sweetness, one of 10 toppings, your choice of milk, and temperature for a concoction all your own.

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