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Break Out of a Gym Rut at Blue Crab CrossFit

Going to your first fitness class after a hiatus from the gym can be intimidating, let alone a CrossFit class. The coaches at Blue Crab CrossFit want everyone to feel comfortable, from the first-time exerciser to the seasoned athlete. They go out of their way to welcome everyone and provide the one-on-one attention each person needs, even in a group setting.

In order to instill the skills that every CrossFitter needs, the coaches ask students to attend a Foundations class before jumping into the workout of the day (WOD). They teach the proper technique for lifts, squats, and the other basic moves you need for a classic CrossFit workout. Then you can come to a typical group session and try the daily-changing workout routine. The coach will help you tailor it to your ability level and continue to grow in strength and agility.

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